We currently are recruiting Trustee’s to join our board.  We have no other vacancies at present.


Friends of Ashton Court Mansion is looking for volunteers

Are you interested in supporting the arts and heritage buildings in a practical way? FAM is a newly formed group of volunteers working with Artspace Lifespace to provide additional support at the mansion.

The friends are looking for a range of volunteers to help with the following:
– Helpers with volunteer cleans to support the upkeep and temporary use while the long term future is decided.
– Guided talks around the house focusing on the architecture and history of the house
– Help gather personal and family histories of people who have had previous associations with the house.
– Volunteer researchers and historians to review the existing materials and gather more information
– Helpers at Art exhibitions.

Email to let us know what you are interested in helping with, what your skills are and what days you are able and willing to volunteer.



. We are now seeking new trustees who can help to facilitate the charity moving forward.


Desired Skills / Experience

Knowledge of heritage buildings


Business development



Managing exhibition and performance spaces

Working with a wide variety of artists and nurturing their ambitions,

Visual Arts


We particularly welcome applications from female, BAME and applicants with disabilities as these are underrepresented within our organisation at present.



The Role of Trustees


Trustees take ultimate responsibility for the work that the organisation does, and the way in which it spends money raised by the charity through income and donations to achieve its aims. The Trustee’s are responsible for the the strategic direction of the organisation, agreeing plans and budgets, and holding the Company Manager to account for the delivery of the plans.


It has a legal dimension too, with Trustees legally responsible for ensuring that the organisation operates to standards set by parliament and the Charity Commission.



The full board meets every two months; there may be other company meetings, the project leads meet quarterly which you are welcome to attend or meeting at other intervals; and staff may seek to consult with you on your particular expertise. You may be asked to represent Artspace Lifespace at outside meetings, attend our project launches or key events such as Doors Open Day or work alongside staff at events and receptions. The time commitment to the charity is approximately 90 hours per annum.

Key Responsibilities


With other Trustees to hold Artspace Lifespace ‘in trust’ by


  • Ensuring that Artspace Lifespace has a clear vision, mission and strategic direction, and is focused on achieving these
  • Ensuring that Artspace Lifespace complies with all legal and regulatory requirements
  • Acting as guardians of our assets, both tangible and intangible, taking all due care over their security, deployment and proper application
  • Ensuring that Artspace Lifespace governance and performance is of the highest possible standard
  • To work in partnership with other trustees, the Company Manager and other senior staff




  1. To agree the vision, mission and strategic plan for the charity
  2. To ensure that the operational plan and budget reflect the agreed strategic direction and are appropriate
  3. To agree the measures for objectively monitoring the progress of the charity towards its strategic goals
  4. To monitor the achievement of Artspace Lifespace against the key measures from the operational plan and budget
  5. To hold the Company Manager accountable for the achievement of the organisations goals, and provide them with regular, constructive feedback on both management and overall achievement
  6. To agree the charity policies and ensure that they will assist in the achievement of the strategic and operational plans
  7. To ensure that the charity has satisfactory financial control systems and procedures, and to review the level of risk annually
  8. To safeguard the charity’s reputation, and other intangible assets
  9. To reflect annually on the Board’s performance and your own performance as a trustee and participate in the AGM.




  1. To participate in an annual strategic planning workshop
  2. To attend trustee meetings (every two months), read relevant papers and be prepared to make a contribution
  3. To support the staff when requested, sharing expertise, as a member of a working group or in other appropriate ways
  4. To be prepared to act as a spokesperson for Artspace Lifespace when asked by the Company Manager, and to work within an agreed brief
  5. To attend events as an ambassador for Artspace Lifespace, to network and promote the work of the organisation
  6. To assist with fundraising by speaking, networking and otherwise seeking donations in conjunction with staff and volunteers as appropriate



How to Apply:

Please send a CV and covering letter stating why you are interested in applying for the role, how your skills and experience are relevant to the role, how you can add value to the board and any other relevant information.


Or phone 07828 949387 for an informal chat to find out more (Mon-Wed only)